Thursday, January 14, 2016

2016: The Year Stability Vanished

The economic situation continues to deteriorate around the globe.  The indications of this include so many numbers, statistics, charts and graphs that rather than document them all here (which would take way more writing than most people will ever even read in a single sitting), allow me to provide you links to bloggers who have already done so. 
Take a look at this graph provided by ZeroHedge a few days ago, for example.  It demonstrates the reaction of several key financial markets to the Fed's rate hike decision.  ZeroHedge does that well: they put a few key data points together to show what really happened.  By looking at bonds, stocks, gold and oil in relation to the timing of the Fed's hike, the picture becomes much more clear than attempting to sift through the endless pollyanna propaganda of a network such as CNBC.  
Michael Snyder of also posts good collections of data.  As one might imagine, with a domain name like that, this guy has had a lot of work to do lately.  Everyday of 2016 so far, it seems as if another big institution comes out and says "the end is nigh", echoing the sentiments of writers like those at ZeroHedge and    
Nothing has changed, other than the fact that it can now be seen out in the open.  All the problems stemming from the 2008-2009 financial crises were only swept under the rug and allowed to fester.  Now we will begin to see the true extent to which those economic eyesores were allowed to mildew and decay.  


While it may seem like information overload for some, what’s happening can be explained in several sentences.  The central banks, who control the world’s money supply and monetary policy through a global system of interconnected corporations masquerading as quasi-governmental entities, have inflated the largest asset bubble in all of human history. 
They accomplished this through money printing (quantitative easing) and record low interest rates, inciting mal-investment based on the resulting unnatural market disruptions.  Now that the bubble has reached its peak, also known as the “topping process”, the only thing left is for the bubble to implode.
The bubble implodes as a result of higher interest rates, bringing normalization back to asset and equity valuations.  In the process, trillions in wealth gets wiped out, and millions lose everything.   
There you have it folks: in two short paragraphs and five long sentences, a somewhat oversimplified yet substantially correct explanation of the past fifteen years of criminal boom/bust cycles used to plunder and pillage entire populations. 
Yes, central bankers and their associates can be seen as nothing less than modern day Vikings, plundering and looting all who stand in their way. 

Yet history often reveres such people as heroes of civilization, rather than the greatest malefactors it has ever known.   
Soon the value destroyers will be exposed.  Millions will see through their illusions, as it all continues to crumble.  New leaders will be elected, who don't follow political agenda-laws.
In a Twelve Visions World, each individual will be their own sovereign, their own central bank, in control of their own financial and monetary destiny.  

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