Monday, March 14, 2016

Central banks intend to own everything

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Renowned investor and trends forecaster Marc Faber has issued a warning regarding central banks and socialism.  View the entire article on Zerohedge here.

What he warns of involves central banks buying all financial assets the world-over: all corporate bonds, all government bonds, all mortgages and mortgage-backed securities.

Central banks have been doing this to some extent for many years now.  Yet given that their policies never work, and only do additional harm to the global economy, one can assume they will begun to purchase MOAR of everything in the years to come.  As things fall apart, the central banks rejoice, for they can "come to the rescue" and own everything.  

"The central banks aren't interested in what works, they're interested in their own prestige. And they are so deep into it already and it didn't work. They will increase the medicine," said Faber, the publisher of The Gloom, Boom & Doom Report.

"Eventually, they'll buy all the government bonds; they'll buy all the corporate bonds, all the shares outstanding. Afterwards the housing market goes down, they'll buy all the homes and then the government will own everything."
That's the road to socialism, he ominously concludes.

As one comment on Zerohedge notes, the term "socialism" fails to describe this situation.  Something like Global Feudalism more accurately describes what the world faces.  
For those unfamiliar, feudalism involves a system of slavery whereby peasants tend to the land in exchange for shelter and safety.  It was the system used when Kings ruled all the land.  Our current model of society today has often been referred to as "neo-feudalistic", even in formal academic circles involving anthropology, sociology, communication.  
We will never live to see the day when central banks own everything.  Even though they already own much of the world, their system depends far too heavily on the illusion of faith.    
And this year in particular appears to be one in which the public has begun to lose faith, en masse.
Evidence for that fact lies all around, but most notably in Gold's historic, meteoric rise this financial quarter.  It has already been the best financial quarter for gold in USD terms in over thirty years, as I have written about previously.  This indicates a widespread loss of faith in the dollar, in turn pointing to a loss of faith in the entire system itself.  
People will always look out for their best interests.  And millions have begun awakening to the fact that the central banks' very existence can never be in their best interest.  So, the flight out of fiat currencies has begun.  Let the rebellion against fiat debt slavery commence.  Allow their castle walls to fall and crumble.  No bankers shall be spared the wrath of a vengeful public.  
Do not fear global feudalism.  Resist it.  

Saturday, March 12, 2016

JPMorgan to the rescue!

Get a load of the following headline:

So one of the too big to fail banks that crashed the economy in 2008 and got bailed out has now come to the rescue again.

This time, with a bunch of sound-good "job creation programs". The following comes from CNBC:

Last month, the Wall Street mega-bank committed $75 million to tackle youth unemployment, which in parts of Europe, the Middle East and Africa is well above 20 percent, and is frequently mentioned as being responsible for a range of social ills in those regions. In the U.S., the youth unemployment rate runs at 10 percent, about double the national jobless rate and totaling more than 5 million. 
For the U.S. economy, the stakes are high: A 2014 paper by the Brookings Institution estimated that unemployment among the 16-24 age group will account for $20 billion in lost earnings over the coming decade. 
Longer term, the collective social burden of youth unemployment will cost the economy a mind-boggling $4.75 trillion, estimates from the Corporation for National and Community Service say. Put in context, that is nearly one-third of the nominal value of the U.S. economy as a whole. 
Enter JPMorgan, which is plowing millions into its New Skills for Youth Initiative, an effort that will invest in a range of job education programs and skill training.
Question: Who will be creating the jobs?  This all-important details remains often overlooked by politicians, bankers, and bureaucrats who claim to somehow be aiding "the social good".  
No words can be found to describe the utter hypocrisy of an institution such as JPMorgan reaching out "a helping hand" to aid all those indebted students.  
For those who may have forgotten, allow me to refresh your memory.  In 2013, JPMorgan was fined billions for its role in the 2008-2009 financial crisis (the one that never really ended).  
Many other banks were "held responsible" as well.  Of course, paying these fines amounts to a slap on the wrists for banks with assets under management in the trillions.  
Iceland threw its bankers in jail, and their economy has recovered marvelously.  Other nation-states ought to follow suit.
Beware those who produce nothing of value for society coming to the rescue.  Their intentions tend not to lean toward the compassionate, despite their endless claims to the contrary.    

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Global Currency Collapse Continues

Two months into 2016, and already, gold has had its best financial quarter in 30 years.

Of course, while this may be bullish for investors seeking to protect their purchasing power among a time of currency devaluation, it embodies a very ill omen indeed for the global economy.  Because the US dollar still holds world reserve currency status (for now), gold rising in USD terms can be considered the ultimate canary in the cole mine.

Nothing has changed with regard to gold.  Only faith has begun to shift - a rise in the price of gold signals a decline in the amount of faith people hold in the respective fiat currency.

Fiat currencies all around the globe have begun to collapse.  Never did I expect to see the day that CNN would publish an article entitled " Global Currency Collapse".  Just a few years ago, it was "paranoid" or "fear-mongering" to even utter such concepts.

More and more, the mainstream pundits have begun to parrot the fringe tin-foil hat conspiracists, in classic mockingbird fashion.

I have been warning of the signs of this crisis coming for several years now on this blog.  It must be no coincidence that readership has begun to increase as world events continue to confirm what myself and others have been saying all along.

If you'd like to protect yourself from the ensuing currency crisis, many simple actions can be taken.  I recommend searching my reading list at the bottom of this blog for starters.  Many resources exist to inform you about the difficult times ahead, and simple measures that can be taken to reduce their impact upon yourself and your family.

Owning some physical gold and silver held in non-bank storage will protect some of your purchasing power.  But as Peter Schiff cautions, you don't want those metals to make you rich, for that means the world will be in a state of disarray.

Food and water storage and other essentials will also prove valuable, as there may be temporary shortages or rationing during government default/currency collapse.  We have already seen this type of scenario play out in several South American and European countries - envision Greece or Venezuela, for example. (For readers unfamiliar with the situations in those two particular countries and many others in surrounding regions, I encourage further independent research.  One must understand that these circumstances arise from the same root cause - a corrupt ruling-class of bankers, politicians, and bureaucrats who continue to ensnare the world economy in a debt-laden trap of fake money. )

Many experts also recommend others ways to profit from the crisis.  Jim Rickards, Max Keiser, and Peter Schiff have published much information on related subjects that one can use to prosper rather than suffer from the irrational influence of the corrupt destroyers.

Thank you for reading, and feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts below.

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