Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Bitcoin ATMs are the Fastest Way to Buy Bitcoin

fastest way to buy bitcoin
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The world of cryptocurrency can seem foreign, strange, and confusing. Assuming you have already decided you want to get involved, the question then becomes what’s the fastest way to buy bitcoin?

How do you acquire the most popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum?

The answer to this question can vary depending on who you ask. Some might say the easiest way to buy bitcoin is to open an account at an online exchange such as Coinbase or Poloniex.

But this method is time-consuming, requires several identity verification steps, and might scare people away. While using an exchange might be a viable option for some, there is an alternative way to buy cryptocurrency that will be more user-friendly to others. 

Introduction to Bitcoin ATMs – the Fastest Way to Buy Bitcoin

Just about everyone in Western first-world countries has used an automated teller machine (ATM). The process is quick and easy. Using a Bitcoin ATM is not that different. In fact, it doesn't even require a bank account! 

Anyone can take their local fiat currency to the nearest Bitcoin ATM and exchange that currency for Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. All you need is a virtual wallet to send the cryptocurrency to. And if you don't have a wallet, a Bitcoin ATM allows you to create a new one on the spot. That’s why using a BTC ATM is the fastest way to buy bitcoin.

The first Bitcoin ATMs transaction only in Bitcoin (BTC). But some newer bitcoin ATMs let users transaction in multiple different cryptocurrencies.

CoinFlip - a Big Name in Crypto ATMs

As of November 2018, CoinFlip had over 120 ATMs across the United States. CoinFlip ATMs allow users to buy or sell several of the largest cryptocurrencies by market capitalization including Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and more.
fastest way to buy bitcoin
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CoinFlip ATMs offer the lowest premium rates of any Bitcoin ATM in the country. So, you can get the best deal on coins by using a CoinFlip ATM. 

CoinFlip CEO Daniel Polotsky has stated that the company is full of new talent and energy. His colleagues are mostly his friends from high school and former coworkers, most of them in their early twenties. 

Now You Know How to Buy Bitcoin

All things considered, there is no easier way to make your first cryptocurrency purchase than using a Bitcoin ATM such as those provided by CoinFlip. A simple online search should reveal the Bitcoin ATM closest to your location.
fastest way to buy bitcoin
Photo by Pawel Janiak on Unsplash

The only two things you need are some fiat currency and a willingness to take the leap into the world of crypto. Even if there's not a crypto ATM near you, some of them can be accessed remotely, at least that's the case for some ATMs operated by CoinFlip. 

Of course, there are many Bitcoin ATMs out there other than those operated by CoinFlip. And you can always buy crypto on an exchange, as mentioned. But if you're looking for the fastest way to buy bitcoin, you can't go wrong with using a Bitcoin ATM. 

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

My Experience as a Blockchain Content Writer in Los Angeles

I’ve provided lots of informative, engaging content in previous months. I’ve decided the time has come for a quick and shameless self-promotional post.
Over the last two years, I’ve gained a lot of experience as a blockchain content writer in Los Angeles and as a freelance blogger. The art of article writing has become my specialty, in addition to social media posts and social media management, in-depth guides, and even white papers.
I’m always looking for places where there are freelance writers for hire. I often get propositioned on LinkedIn, although some of those people actually expect me to work for free! 
They say the payment is “exposure,” which sounds great, but how do you measure such a thing? No one asks people to do other jobs for free, but somehow asking a blockchain content writer in Los Angeles to write for free is apparently considered normal.
There’s no way that’s going to be worth it for me. I have my own blog for exposure, in addition to platforms like Medium, LinkedIn, and Steemit.
I do, however, use some sites to syndicate blog posts. Sites like,, and don’t pay for posts, but they provide additional platforms to publish articles that have already been posted to my blog. So, I do appreciate being invited to sites like that.  
However, I have to make a living. Free articles won’t pay the bills.

Content Copywriter Business

My freelance writing business, BDN Content, did very well in 2018. I wrote all about the last two years in my latest press release.

2019 got off to a slower start but took a different direction starting in May. At this time, I became PR & Marketing Manager at BlockGroup, a startup PR firm focused on building blockchain brands. That position only lasted about three months before the startup went through some changes and wound up eliminating the PR & Marketing Manager position.
Since then, I’ve resumed article writing as a web content writer and freelance blogger. Being a content copywriter is great, and I learned a lot from my experience studying and working with some excellent content marketers. 
Web writing is a form of content marketing that few people have the skills necessary to excel at. I have a long list of experience and certifications that contributes to being a high-caliber SEO web content writer.
Again, the details are all contained in my latest BDN Content press release. You can read the press release from my press room at

Freelance Content Copywriter for Hire

BDN Content is the name of my freelance writing business. I chose the name based on my full legal name: Brian Dean Nibley. My initials combined with the word “content” seemed like the perfect choice for a blockchain content writer in Los Angeles.

Is your company or website looking for freelance copywriters for hire?
Contact me, Brian Nibley, by leaving a comment below, connecting on social media, or reaching out through my portfolio website at
Follow me on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and Steemit: @bdncontent.
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