Saturday, December 30, 2017

Welcome to my portfolio blog

My name is Brian Dean Nibley.  I’ve been writing professionally for clients since July 2017.  I find that any task can be accomplished with the right mindset.  Research of ideas and credible sources comes naturally to me, as does creating cogent arguments and engaging content.  Whether you need to convince a customer that your product or service is right for them, publish a report on the current state of affairs in your industry, or just create content describing the nature of your business, my writing will convey it with clarity. 

At the moment, I’m involved with two major companies and a volunteer organization.  The first is Blasting News, the 170th most viewed website in the world according to Alexa Rankings.  The other is Performance First Marketing, a rapidly growing marketing company that promises to get the websites of their clients to the first page of Google results.

Performance First Marketing mainly works with law firms and large companies all over the country.  I have helped construct pages for brand new websites as well as written weekly blog posts for established clients.  Some of these clients include Los Angeles Injury Law Group, Ferguson & Associates, Mercedes-Benz, McBride Dental, and more.   
On Blasting News, I cover a wide range of topics. I mainly write opinion pieces about recent geopolitical or economic events.  Some articles also cover specific topics requested by the staff at Blasting News U.S., such as gaming.  And every now and then I publish a news piece on something occurring in pop culture, business, or entertainment. 

I also work for, a Service Space project.  Service Space is a nonprofit organization run entirely by volunteers. is an inspirational video site that only covers positive news.  I write video summaries and “be-the-change” suggestions for getting involved with the cause portrayed in the video. 

The most well-known Service Space project is called Karma Kitchen.  Karma Kitchen is a restaurant in San Francisco that does not charge patrons.  Instead, customers receive a receipt saying, “someone donated the cost of your meal.  Would you like to pay it forward?”  People pay it forward often enough to keep the restaurant running.  For more, see the Ted Talk entitled “giftivism”. 

All in all, I enjoy helping people with their written content needs.  Any topic that needs content, I can research and write about it.  I share the inspirational videos of with the summaries I write on social media.  I’m amassing a number of journalistic articles on Blasting News.  And Performance First Marketing keeps wanting more content for its clients.