Thursday, December 13, 2018

Avesta Announces Early Launch of its Exchange Platform

The Avesta exchange opens before the end of this year and the final version will be fully operational before the end of February 2019.

Each phase of the launch incorporates the features of the previous phase while adding new functionality as well.

Exchange Roadmap

December 31: version Andromeda (Open Beta)

Andromeda Beta

  • Email Login
  • 2 Factor Authentication
  • Fixed Trading Panel
  • Single Order Type (Market Order) with Simple trading
  • User Dashboard with infoboxes
  • Funds Management (Deposit, Withdraw)
  • User Orders, Trading History, Order Table
  • User Profile and settings
  • Support tickets
  • Basic Security layer
  • Email Notification
January 31: Version Andromeda Launch (Open Beta for Cygnus Version)

Andromeda Launch

Open Beta for Cygnus Version

  • Log in with Email and Social Media
  • Multiple Order Type (Market Order, Stop Limit, Limit) with simple trading
  • User Dashboard with basic analytics
  • Dispute Management
  • Email and SMS Notification
February 15, 2019: Launch Version Cygnus (Open Beta Version Pegasus)

Cygnus Launch

Open Beta for Pegasus Version

  • Google Authenticator
  • Arbitration
  • Advance Security Layer
  • Cold Wallet integration
  • KYC (API)
  • News Management
  • Live Chat Support
  • Email, SMS and Push Notifications
  • Liquidity Provider integration (Any one)
February 28: Launch Version Pegasus

Pegasus Launch

We have moved the exchange launch dates up in order to give users a chance to experience the next generation of crypto exchanges even sooner than planned.

Why Choose the Avesta Exchange?

The Avesta exchange will offer trading in many of the most popular cryptocurrency pairs. Further details will be released soon, so be on the lookout.

The exchange will come complete with top-notch security, advanced order types, and deep liquidity.


The exchange will offer hot wallets, cold storage wallets, and multi-signature cold storage wallets for various levels of security and convenience.

Two-factor authentication via Google Authenticator and notifications via SMS and email will be available to help secure user wallets. It’s recommended that users create random, unique passwords at least 14 characters in length and use two-factor authentication for their wallets.

Superior Security

You’ve seen the headlines. Another exchange got hacked. During the years of 2012 – 2016, at least 22 crypto exchanges got hacked. And that’s not to mention the several high-profile hacks that have occurred in the several years since.

Many of these hacks were inside jobs. In other words, employees of the exchange stole the funds of their users. Avesta employees won’t have access to user data. Our third-party security provider will be audited regularly to ensure the integrity of all user wallets.

The Avesta exchange will be secured by Civic, a renowned name in data security.

Civic has been featured in publications such as Fortune, Forbes, Bitcoin Magazine, Coindesk, and many more. With the Civic secure identity ecosystem, all user data will be kept under lock and key at all times.

Advanced Order Types

In addition to the standard stop-loss and limit orders, Avesta will provide in-depth information on both a technical and fundamental level. This market data can help traders make better decisions.

The exchange offers a comprehensive suite of tools that allow traders to make technical drawings and prediction calculations. In addition, traders can integrate social media feeds, live news events, and an array of other analysis tools into a single trading page.


In a new asset class with limited capital like cryptocurrency, liquidity is of paramount importance. It’s hard to trade without your orders being filled.

With a fast and secure payment gateway, all bank transfers and credit cards will clear quickly, ensuring a full order book. Whether you’re a whale or a newbie, you can count on sufficient liquidity to execute your trades.

Transparent Low Fees

The exchange will come with small fees of only 0.15% for both takers and makers.

By comparison, the majority of crypto exchanges available today charge upwards of 0.25%.
All fees are transparent with no fine print. No hidden costs. No unexpected charges.

The Avesta Exchange Provides Everything Needed for Successful Trading

On top of all this, Avesta will provide fast customer support for all user inquiries. No more waiting for weeks to get a support ticket answered. Live chat support becomes available with the launch of version Cygnus.

With low fees, high liquidity, advanced trading resources, and resilient security, the Avesta exchange aims to give the highest quality digital assets trading experience to new and experienced traders alike.