Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Repression requires economic ignorance

Today, America finds itself in a similar position as that of Germany prior to WWII.  Our national debt has begun spiraling out of control, the government's response has been to create massive amounts of currency, and our military aggressions abroad garner us increasing resentment upon the international stage.  It will only be a matter of time before the United States falls victim to the same failure cycle suffered by Germany and many other nations throughout history: severe poverty, chaos and civil unrest, and tyranny.
It begins with poverty.  Massive military spending must be accomplished through debt creation.  This requires devaluation of the nation's currency, impoverishing its citizens.
Unfortunately, most citizens do not understand the process by which their monetary futures can be manipulated.  And through this ignorance, a scapegoat can be blamed.
In Germany, just before WWII, a vicious cycle occurred: prices kept on rising (as a result of a devalued currency), while wages stagnated.  Workers revolted, demanding higher wages.  In turn, the cost of production increased, and merchants passed on the cost to customers.
The average citizen, unaware of the economic workings of his world, placed blame upon the merchant (many of whom happened to be Jewish) for raising prices each time his wages increased.  This paved the way for the Jews (and then other groups) to be used as scapegoats for the ensuing economic collapse.
Thus, economic ignorance has proven an essential ingredient for controlling, enslaving, and even slaughtering a population.  Indeed, the holocaust might never have occurred if the citizens of Germany had understood what was causing their financial repression - the parasitical ruling-class, in this instance the Third Reich of Hitler.  

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